The RetroFizz Team is comprised of a core group of highly skilled individuals with varied backgrounds and skillsets.

Executive Team

  • RetroSean aka Sean – Co-founder, Executive Producer, Business Administration
    • Hit That Follow, For The Content!, RetroFizz Podcast, FizzPlay Lead
  • VerbatimT aka Tim – Co-founder, Director – Broadcast Operations and Engineering
  • InsertCoinTheater aka Tim – Co-founder, Executive Producer, Director – Digital Presence
    • ICT Podcast, RetroFizz Podcast, FanFiction Theater, FizzPlay Lead

Content Team

  • Zae – Maintainer and Manager of BDE, Social Media Specialist
  • LucyFurr – One-Hour Gameplay Queen
  • SaviorXTanren – Producer – Gotta Go Fast, Split Screen, Chiptunes; technology development
  • NyteTide – Producer – Hit That Follow, Tide Talk, Boss Battle
  • AndyUno1 – Merchandising Specialist
  • STARMER – Editor, Midnight Pixel Show
  • Nibbles – Editor, Press Start to Watch; Co-Host, Untitled Nintendo Show
  • JimWats – Co-Host, Untitled Nintendo Show

External content producers

These are the awesome folks who we will be working with to produce content for the channel to keep new and interesting ideas cycling through. Expect this list to fill up over time.

Former team members

Former team members are folks who have taken a step away from RetroFizz to pursue other interests. We still love ’em though!

  • DragonShaft – Gameplay resources, Let’s Playthrough