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RetroFizz is your 24/7 source for gaming and gaming culture content. Delivering a bevy of original programming and syndicated features, RetroFizz to be your one-stop shop for video content on the web.

RetroFizz is run by a team of extremely talented individuals, with other content being sourced from a diverse group of content creators outside of the core RetroFizz team from a variety of platforms.

Launched March 18, 2019 as a Mixer-exclusive, with plans to expand to YouTube, Twitch, and more platforms, RetroFizz will be available wherever you prefer to take your content.

Join us on this journey to deliver quality, unique content in an ever-evolving fashion. You can become a Patron on Patreon, support us by buying merch, or subscribe to us on Mixer or Twitch if you wish to get our emotes and the platform bonuses that come with them!